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union credit Challenge in albany,NY

August 4, 2012

Hi fans,

I shot 71-75 and I don’t think this is going to make it… This week my putting was poor and I was hitting pretty far away from the holes. It is then hard to score when you do not stick it!!! Next week, I am playing the Jamie Farr in Toledo, OH… Tomorrow will be a practice day before drive to Ohio…

Salut mes fans,

Cette semaine, j’ai fait 71-75, et je ne pense pas passer le cut avec cela. Mon putting n’était pas super cette semaine et mes attaques de green étaient une fois de plus loin des mats!! Donc dur de scorer quand tu ne plantes pas les mats! La semaine prochaine, je joue le Jamie Farr à Toledo,OH, un tournoi du LPGA. Mais avant de partir à Ohio, demain matin j’irais m’entrainer!

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  1. Jean Drees Marketing Director at Harbor Behavioral Healthcare in Toledo, Ohio permalink
    August 5, 2012 6:05 pm

    Hi Val,

    We have been asked by friend Diana Knaebe (from Illinois) to host you this week. We would love to and we live about 8-10 minutes from Highland Meadows. Please call my cell phone at 419-262-9292. My name is Jean Drees and the offer to host you came from Diana to our CEO Dale Shreve to me….although I know Diana also and love her! Our home number is 734-856-2533. We have a guest bedroom suite on the first floor with a private bath and a door our to our wrap around porch. We hope you are still in need of a place for the week. I am golfer and have ticktets out the Jamie Farr. My husband’s cell is 419-262-0057 and his name is Tom. Please get in contact with us today or tomorrow upon arrival:).

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